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So what’s all this Soft Wash advertising chatter? I live in Marlton and my Roof is covered with black streaks and my Marlton house has that nasty green algae. What is the best process and the safest way to clean my South Jersey property? Unfortunately, there are so many marketing schemes to attract new customers; it becomes confusing for homeowners trying to find the right company for the job. Over the course of 13 years we have witnessed and heard some hefty sales practices from outside companies targeting the area. Marlton, Medford, Voorhees and Moorestown are where the money is! This belief is ridiculous in nature in fact Rt 70 Rt 73 and Rt 38 are some of the heaviest traveled roads made up of hard working people going to and from work every day. As the owner of Aqua Boy and a resident of Marlton we are bewildered by the thought that outside companies with the idea this is the area to strike it rich. We here from countless customers of price gouging, with the belief that if the house is rather large the price must match.

The fear factor sales tactic

Mold will enter your home and cause health issues. Your roof needs immediate cleaning and annual cleanings. Marlton and surrounding residences should be leery of low price quotes through email followed by the increase price during the day of service. (Hidden travel fees) It’s important for Marlton customers and South Jersey as a whole to feel secure with whom they choose for exterior cleaning. Aqua Boy is South Jersey’s leader in exterior cleaning. As a family owned business that cleans more businesses and residences in the area, we can understand the confusion in choosing a professional exterior cleaner and will be glad to assist you.

Location is a big plus!

There are plenty of solid and reputable power washers, soft washers and roof cleaners in the Marlton area. Choosing a local business will create a level of comfort that outside companies cannot offer. When you hire Aqua Boy Power Washing we are family owned and live in the town of Marlton. If there’s ever an issue with our service, we can arrive the very same day to address your concerns, not when we are back in town at a later date. That’s a positive worry free experience! If your interested in supporting your local exterior professional, we would be happy to provide you with several excellent companies to choose from that are in the surrounding area.




             The black streaks on your roof have the scientific name called Gleocapsa Magma. This air born algae has migrated to our area many years ago and is here to stay. This bacteria is responsible for prematurely aging your roof, raising your electric bill and possibly having your home owners insurance canceled. This particular algae feeds off the lime stone filler in the shingle as it streaks towards the gutter line. Power washing it will destroy your roof and remove years off the life of your Roof. There is only one method that has been recommended for proper Roof cleaning and that’s Soft Washing. Soft Washing has been perfected by the Aqua Boy Power Washing Company. We will arrive with trained staff and the best blend of eco friendly detergents to eradicate all damaging living life forms on your South Jersey Roof. Our Exterior Cleaning technology is so advanced we offer a 5 -year spot free warranty on all full roof cleanings. Moss, Lichen or Black roof algae is damaging to your roof and is much more then a cosmetic issue. Cleaning your Marlton Roof should be at the top of your “To Do List”.

What’s the Aqua Boy Power Washing Difference?
(1) 3 uniformed staff on every job.
(2) Aqua Boy is located in Marlton                                                                                                                                                                                                       (3) Aqua Boy is the highest rated Power Washing and Roof Cleaning Company in   South Jersey
(4) We offer our original 5 year spot free warranty on all full roof cleaning
(5) The money you spend in our area stays here!

Your hometown roof-cleaning expert.

Aqua Boy Power Washing, Soft Washing and Roof Cleaning is a family owned business located in Marlton. For over a decade we have provided the residences of our hometown with superior results and customer service that can never be matched by companies targeting our area. From same day free estimates; coupled with family forged relationships there’s nothing like shopping local. All of our roof Cleaning comes with our 5 year original spot free warranty.
Our family has lived in Marlton for over 20 years and we have been apart of local charities and donating our time to clean local churches and schools. The residences of our town always have a worry free experience knowing we are from the area. Shop local!

But don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to read our 5-star reviews… 261 Google,125 – 5 Star Facebook reviews and 51- 5 star reviews on Yelp. Please visit our Face Book photo’s and you’ll discover no one beats the Boy!






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