Aqua Boy Power Washing is Marlton's Power Washing Expert A proven track record and local to Marlton

Family owned and local we will exceed our Marlton customer’s expectations, by providing an affordable service with results you can trust.

Marlton’s Number One local Pressure Washer The leader in exterior cleaning, that sets the standard

When Marlton customers require a professional exterior cleaner they turn to Aqua Boy Power Washing. Affordability, professionalism and our location will provide comfort to our Marlton customers.

Aqua Boy Power Washing and Roof Cleaning
Expert Roof Cleaning and more… Aqua Boy’s Total Care© package

Aqua Boy Power Washing is a one-stop shop for all your exterior cleaning needs. Our total care package and our fully equipped trucks can clean your roof to your curb line in just one visit. Why take a chance with a roof cleaner, when Aqua Boy does it all

Marlton Power Washing We offer advanced methods of cleaning for any exterior cleaning surface. Aqua Boy is a pioneer in the exterior cleaning industry and local to Marlton, New Jersey.

Professional Power Washing

This season Marlton customers rely on the Pro’s at Aqua Boy Power Washing. From our State-Of-The Art trucks to our trained staff we are a cut above outside companies targeting our town.

Expert Certified Soft Washing

Blasting off algae with heavy pressure can damage the surface causing irreversible damage. Our gentle eco-friendly detergents effectively remove algae and mold creating long lasting results.

Landscaping Protection

Being a local family business in Marlton comes with a greater responsibility, so we take protecting your plants, trees and wildlife seriously. Professional exterior cleaning without the worry of damaged landscaping.

Certified Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

We guarantee our roof cleaning with our 5 -year limited spot free warranty. Aqua Boy’s advanced roof cleaning methods earned our local business the highest rated in New Jersey.

Just around the corner

Hiring a local company with a proven track record creates comfort unlike outside companies. Year after year Aqua Boy Power Washing has grown in popularity.

Reviews matter

Aqua Boy Power Washing is the highest rated exterior cleaner in New Jersey. Please visit our photos and reviews online and discover why we are chosen above outside competition targeting the area.

Aqua Boy Power Washing Results in Marlton

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Our family business arrives with advanced cleaning methods that produce long lasting results. For more then a decade we have serviced thousands of Marlton customers and maintained their relationships.

From our award winning customer service to our top-notch results, we guarantee to exceed your expectations every time.

If you’re searching for a local power washer or roof cleaner this spring season, then look no further to the experts at Aqua Boy Power Washing.

We strive to deliver Marlton residences a hometown customer service experience like no other. We can arrive with a proven track record and the ability to clean any surface on your Marlton property.

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Frequently Asked Questions For more information on our advance methods of cleaning please call our local family business at (609) 923-4700.

What is Soft Washing?

The Soft Washing application is an advanced method of cleaning that treats algae and mold at the source. This cleaning technique utilizes eco-friendly detergent that eradicates many outside contaminants. Unlike conventional Power Washing, Soft Washing is gentle to the surface and last longer then conventional Power Washing. Soft Washing is a better alternative for surfaces that cant withstand heavy pressure.

Soft Washing vs. Power Washing?

Power Washing is still a great tool for hard surfaces that can take the pressure. Power Washing can budge heavy grime and clean many flat surfaces around your Marlton property. Sensitive materials such as roof shingles, siding and other man-made materials should be Soft Washed. Lucky for our Marlton customers we have state-of-the-art equipment on each truck we utilize. Why take a chance with a roof cleaner, when our professional equipment is designed to clean any surface on your Marlton property.

Roof Cleaning should be at the top of your list

Many Marlton residences are unaware that a roof can and should be cleaned. If your roof is covered with Moss, Black streaks or Lichen its essential to have it Soft Washed. Soft Washing your Marlton roof will reverse the harmful organic growths damaging your asphalt shingle currently. If these growths are left unchecked, homeowners will not get the proper life span out of the roof. Black streaks are more than a cosmetic issue. Having black algae on your roof will cause shingle deterioration and places a struggle on your AC unit in the summer months.

How Long Does Roof Cleaning Last?

Out of town companies may lack the knowledge, equipment or possess the correct detergent to clean a roof professionally. Marlton customers may be forced into annual cleanings, which in turn cost homeowners more money. Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning follows the highest standard in the country and is recognized as a leader in the soft wash roof cleaning industry. Aqua Boy is a Soft Wash Certified company that offers the only original 5-year spot-free roof guarantee. Choosing a local company like Aqua Boy creates a comfort level that outside companies cant match.

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